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Oman One is the pioneer of designing websites and mobile applications in the Sultanate of Oman.

We are experts in designing websites, applications and business identities

Oman One is one of the leading institutions providing website design and development solutions, branding and stationery design services, with more than  10 years of experience.

We design, draw and develop inspiring and unique solutions to suit corporate and corporate goals.

More than 10 years of experience in designing and developing websites, web solutions and premium hosting

Website design

Professional design and development of websites at unbelievable prices.

Brand design

Designing your brand that will accompany your success and leas you to be kept in the customers' mind

Business identity design

We put your stamp on all your products and campaigns by drawing your visual identity

Typographic designs

Great designs for company stationery and all your publications needs

Mobile applications

Professionally programming iPhone and Android applications to support your business and projects

Reliable hosting

Your site will be completely safe on our secure servers with high performance and high speed

Responsive designs

Fully compatible with mobile and tablet browsers.

Technical support to serve you

We are with you step by step, providing support, assistance and guidance, to be the success partner of your business

  • Web design for companies and institutions
  • Designing news, news papers and news agency websites
  • Designing electronic stores websites
  • Website design for universities and colleges
  • Tourism offices site design
  • Designing hospitals and clinics sites
  • Personal website design
  • Web design of training institutes
  • Sports website design
  • Website design for restaurants and cafes

Experience and professionalism in web design

Various commercial, industrial and personal fields.

Great features for your site

Great features for your site

Free hosting for a year

Free domain .com / .net

Technical support 24/7

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We create amazing websites and create thoughtful brand identities that are engaging, memorable and long lasting brands. Clients prefer us over our creative ideas as much as they prefer our designs. To us, the idea is the most important part of the design process. We invest in what matters to you, and immerse ourselves in understanding your goals and clients

We innovate and invent

Our thoughts are infinite

We deliver on time

We love what we do

We are on the path of precedence

A site is a web-based software system that runs on a host server computer and allows you to contact and request pages from the website over the Internet, based on the HTTP protocol. These pages are sent to their browser from the server.

Therefore, a website  would be a collection of pages containing information presenting something, a person, or an organization on the Internet. The process of designing a graphic template, customizing pages, and entering customer content into creating these pages is called website design.


When someone asks what is the benefit of website design? Or why do we need a site? We will list the reasons and the benefits of the website design, which would be more than thousands items. But if we want to claim only one reason for designing a website, we have to say that using the web, mobile and internet today has become so popular that if you don't find yourself in cyberspace while searching, it means for people that you have no existence at all!

The question “What is the purpose of designing a website” is one of the most common questions that customers web design companies. In order to response the question, What is the purpose of the website design? It must be said that the purpose of website design is usually for clients who come to us and the main reasons for the need for website design are:

  • Catalog information.
  • Online Branding and visual  improvements.
  • Marketing online to meet more new people.
  • International commercial and relations.
  • Facilitate and reduce the cost of communication between customer and the business.
  • Available to contact anytime, anywhere.
  • Accelerate work procedures and information flow.
  • To be at the top of people’s search results on Google.
  • Receiving more projects and orders by attracting customers.
  • Have a place to present your previous activities and CV.
  • Online sales and e-commerce.

Like any other jobs, you can learn website designing and follow the step by step guides to be an expert. But if your job is not to a website designer and you are not thinking to become a web designer in the future, then you need to connect to an outsource for this issue. In this case, to start designing a website, the first and most important step is finding the best website design company. You have to search among many web design companies, all of which demand high-quality services, choose the appropriate company according to your requirements, and then leave the work to the experts.


There are many types of different website designing. But some of the most popular and famous types of website design in our country that we also offer the  data services are as mentioned below: Designing a website with an app: This means that in addition to designing a website, a mobile app must also be designed, including Android and iOS versions, so that the website and the app are interconnected.

"High SEO" website design: That is the goal of the website owner since the aiming the first ranks in Google is internet marketing search engine marketing for your website which lead you to catch more audiences.

Website design with a banking portal: It refers to the websites of stores or online shops websites, which require in-website payment process that the user need to be able to connect to the payment gateways of the banking network and deposit money in the account of the website owner.

But we don't cover the following items in the data services:

Website design in a few clicks: It refers to website building systems on the Internet that allow the user in several stages to simply design the website with lower costs and higher speed through a few clicks.

Website design using barcode reader: means a website that can communicate with barcode reader APIs, such as assessing the authenticity of tickets received from people at the entrance gate.

• Website design using prepared templates: means a method by which ready-made templates are used to prepare the website without designing a specific topic.

There are many programs that can be used to create a website. Some of these programs are old and some are new. It is also possible to create a complete website with some, but some are only used to design some points in the website design process. Thetypes of web design software are:

  • Website design with Dream Weaver
  • Website design with Adobe xd
  • Website design using Adobe Muse
  • Website design using Illustrator
  • Website appearance design using Photoshop
  • Website design with SharePoint
  • Website design with first page
  • Website design with codeignitor

There are many programming languages ​​that can be used to develop a website, however well-known web design companies make most of the websites through these languages:

  • PHP website design 
  • Python website design
  • Java Website Design
  • Website design using Go language 
  • C # website design
  • ESP website design 
  • Website design with Laravel
  • Website design with Angular (Website design with AngularJS)
  • HTML website design

The language in which we program the site is a matter, and in what development environment the website is designed is another matter. Types of website design environments include:

  • Website design with Visual Studio
  • Website design using Visual Basic
  • Website design with Dream Weaver
  • Website design with Codeigniter
  • Website design with first page
  • Website design using Adobe Muse

By asking this question, people expect us to name one of the web programming languages ​​that are sometimes used to design a website, including PHP, .Net, Java, Python, etc., and list the reasons for its superiority. But the truth is that although each language has its own advantages and can appear more effectively than other languages ​​in certain types of web design projects, in general, it can never be said that one language is superior than another. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the project's output goes far beyond the choice of language, to the selection of the appropriate technical team and the real experience of development experts, plus the right team knows what is best for a particular project to apply your website language.

Website design projects usually begin with a contract between the business owner and the contractor, while the most important point in project success is defining the scope of the designer's duties, the employer's expectations, and the estimated  amount and time of the project based on project dimensions. In case of ambiguity, interpretability and unclear limits to the employer's expectations or contractor obligations, the project becomes completely vulnerable to failure and complaints.

Typically, a standard website design contract includes the following appendices:

  • Technical Attachements
  • Domain facility
  • Hosting attachments
  • Attachment Support services
  • Attach the technical representative to the employer
  • Data Collection Extension
  • Content entry facility

Copyrights include both the external and the internal issues. Its appearance is a short sentence usually written in the appendix and stating that all material and intellectual rights of this website are reserved to its owner and no person has the right to republish the content without permission. But the essence of copyright in the design of the site is the respect that the site design company gives to the ownership of the site owner and considers the data, information, passwords and databases of the website as its own and does not misuse it. The right to power has both outside and inside. These short sentences usually appear in the website footer, indicating the site designed by the website designer. But internally, the site owner respects the design company and their reputation to never allow himself to request that the phrase be removed.

For various reasons, a website design project may fail or its outputs may not be satisfactory and interesting. The main common mistakes in the website design process are:

  • The lack of comprehensive research on a website design company and the incorrect choice of an inappropriate design company.
  • Not asking the right questions and not defining precisely the project boundaries
  • Trying to finish the project in the last minutes
  • Failure of the project owner to collect, edit and provide appropriate content, images and videos.
  • Choosing an incorrect, outdated, and bloated content management system by the design company.
  • Failure to provide the necessary training to the client after handing over the site to him.
  • The server, website, and administration panel are not configured correctly.
  • Impartial and unresponsive support with illiterate, irregular, and unstable employees.
  • Failure of the project owner to pay the design company fees on time.
  • Not to enter complete and integrated customer data and content on the website.

WEBOMAN1 as the experienced web design company has been working on many quality websites in several areas. Click on the relevant field to see the best examples of website design:

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